Veganism is based on a very simple idea — animals, just like us humans, deserve respectful treatment.

To reduce the suffering of animals inflicted by industrial livestock production, and the clothing and entertainment industry, vegans abstain from meat, fish, egg and milk products, choose clothing and footwear not made of leather or fur, opt for cosmetics not tested on animals, and condemn hunting, as well as the use of animals for entertainment purposes in circuses, zoos and waterparks.

People come to embrace a vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons:


Contemporary research clearly shows that animals feel pain. Many mammals, moreover, don’t just feel it — they become conscious of it just like us humans. It’s not only killing animals that brings them suffering, but also holding them in captivity, separating them from their offspring and other violent practices that are so widespread in industrial livestock production. Lower demand for animal products will mean a lower number of animals being involved in this, and thus less suffering in the world.


The World Health Organization — the biggest agency for disease control and health advancement in the world — has declared red meat and processed meat to be carcinogenic. Research shows that a wholesome and balanced vegetable diet decreases the risk of cancer, as well as of heart diseases, diabetes etc.


Global climate change, deforestation, species extinction, desertification and water pollution — industrial livestock production and fishing play a key role in all of these processes. Going vegan or simply reducing) your animal product consumption is the best choice one can make to contribute to saving our planet.

And, last but not least, another great reason to go vegan is that vegetables, greens, fruits and nuts are sooo tasty! We are working hard to make Vegan Festival one of the most delicious events of this summer.