Veganfest gives people of all ages and lifestyles the opportunity to gain knowledge, enjoy fabulous food and make new friends.

Veganfest aims to introduce veganism to a wider audience, stressing its positive impact on the environment, our health and the animals around us to inspire experiments and new discoveries in the realm of vegetable-based cuisine to celebrate togetherness and spend a gorgeous end-of-summer day enjoying fabulous food

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Latvian Vegan Festival is produced and organised by the Dzīvnieku Brīvība (Animal Freedom) society. This is the largest movement for animal rights in Latvia. Since the establishment of Dzīvnieku Brīvība in 2012, we have stuck to our goals — to secure the right of animals to live in dignity and not in suffering.

We are an independent non-governmental organisation. Our day-to-day work, as well as the memorable events we put on, are organised by dedicated activists and supported by donations from our supporters.

Find out more about our work and how you can help advance animal rights in Latvia here.

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